Blast Tapes are explosive bombs which appear in the movie Escape from Planet Earth

These items are exclusively in the BASA Facilities. They explode once they throw them at a specific object especially when they are peeled. They have grenades inside the tapes. Blast tapes were used for Scorch's and Kip's target training at the Dark Planet Colas as an Astronaut training. Gary took the tape away from Kip during their practice. He rapidly threw the tape in the barrel blasting at Barry while he's cleaning the wing of the spaceship. Then, he tripped and fell off the ladder and accidentally injured himself which interrupts his janitor duty.

The tape is also used by Kip as a method into escaping the BASA cell where they were both trapped into by the guards which destroyed the electric traps to the seat and opened the room's door for them to help get Gary back.



  • Unlike most tapes, these kind of tapes has explosives in them.