Species Alien
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Appearances Planet 51
Actor Tyler Perry

Eric has his life by himself. He is a teenager. He does so many things. He is a strong young alien. He can pick up many heavy objects. However he likes to play his video games. He is a hero of Planet 51. He can pick up his mom and his family. He also uses his tounge to grab things and he can make his tounge even longer to reach an object he cannot reach. His personality is different than his kids. He is expert on everything. When something tries to poke him with anything sharp or anything, they don't hurt him. Hes been doing a lot of fitness and everything to get muscles pumped up and getting him stronger. He has strong muscles. He is also an exellent swimmer in the world. His friend is Lem's Mother. He can use guns and everything as weapons to shoot the bad enemies. He can survive in the water only if he holds his breath. He can also survive in space withoust a spacesuit. He can handle it with the aliens in space. When hes certainly going anywhere, he can drive a car because he has a license to drive. He can use his Sprint phone to call someone if whatever is going on or whatever. He was also seen in the Observatory with the other kids and teens in the movie.