Lem Korplog

Species Planet 51's race
Hair Med-long
Pubic Hair {{{pubic}}}
Genital Type {{{genitalia}}}
Eye Color green
Height 21.3
Appearances Planet 51
Escape from Planet Earth
Actor Justin Long

Affiliations Good

Lem is the main protagonist alien on Planet 51.


He worked at the observatory, where one of his duties was being a docent to schoolkids taking field trips to the planetarium. His lectures later proved erroneous when he met Chuck Baker and snuck inside a secret military base containing captured Soviet and American scientific equipment from Earth. Lem realized that his planet was ignorant of outer space, with much of that ignorance due to government secrecy. Lem tried to get his race to realize Chuck is not an enemy.

Outside Planet 51Edit

He was re-used as one of the Baabian adults on Escape from Planet Earth, but with a different design.


For a full gallery of images of Lem. see Lem Korplog/Extra Pics

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