Eckle Happy

Eckle Young.

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Kip Supernova.

Recycled Characters is a concept term referring to the characters that have several changes to their names, body shape, personality and many others regardless of what they look like. They can either be passed as main, minor or background characters of their own TV Show, Movie or Video Game. However, characters aren't only recycled in the same universe, some of the characters are recycled from one franchise to another. Usually characters are exactly the same as the old character used for another franchise. However, the aliens from Planet 51 are mostly altered with different accessories like the shirts, ears, shapes and many others, but they don't have antennas and hair on their heads.

The Baabians were passed around in this manner occasionally acquire stable identities when the right combination of performer and writer comes along. Eckle, who was interested in Humaniacs in Planet 51 was recycled 3 years later to become Gary's and Kira's adventure hungry son "Kip", while Neera was recycled into "Kira Supermom". Lem was one of the main characters on Planet 51but that alien teen to stardom when recycled as an adult Baabian and is passed as a background character. A BASA Baabian janitor called "Barry" was a recycled and varied version of the milkman from Planet 51.

Recycled aliensEdit