Planet 51 Tounge

Eckle sticking his tounge out.
Object level high
Appearances Planet 51
Behavior Squeezing
Used for Grabbing objects, pick up stuff and reaching into unreachable places.

Tounges are the organ of taste. These are in everyone's mouths and can be stuck out longer. These can be used to grab some objects that need to be moved, Can use them to get on the handle and getting onto higher places. They can be used to pick the short aliens up such as Eckle. However, little kids cannot stick out their tounges longer as the teenagers and adults do. They can also use them to squeeze somethings. Eric is the alien which can use its tounge well enough and has unlimited length when he sticks his tounge out longer. They can go back in to their mouths when they pull it back. These tounges are retractable objects which they need to reach other places which cannot be gone to. They can get foods but not creamy ones when grabbing a food.

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